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InterFASE is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to fostering greater understanding and appreciation of science, with a unique focus on the interrelationship of religion and science. We offer numerous courses and programs that help to open up the fascinating worlds of science and religion to all, and to have fun while doing so. Additionally, we host the yearly Charles B. Townes Lecture on science and religion and support one distinguished scholar whose work branches into both science and religion. Charles Townes won both the Nobel Prize for his invention of the laser and the Templeton Prize for his efforts to unite science and faith.


Charles Townes Lecture
on Science and Religion

Chalres Townes giving a lecture

A prominent scientist or theologian delivers the yearly Townes Lecture given in honor of Nobel and Templeton prize-winner Charles Townes. learn more ›


Workshop Information

Group of people sitting in a socratic circle

InterFASE offers a variety of programs on the fruitful dialogue between science and religion. learn more ›


Science Program
for Poets & Pastors

Chalres Townes giving a lecture

From stem cell research to the science of human origins, learn more about issues that affect people of faith. learn more ›

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